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Other components

Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped Strand Mat are rolls of chopped glass strands. G & B (North West) Ltd supplies premium grade chopped strand mat suitable for roofing applications to the trade.

G & B’s Chopped Strand Mat is available in one metre wide rolls in a range of weights and also as a bandage, to trim fascias, edges and corners.
Catalyst (hardener)

Specially formulated liquid hardener for use with roofing resins and topcoats.

G & B has a full range of all of the tools required for GRP roofing along with a range of other ancillary components including PU trim adhesive (for fixing trims to the perimeter of the roof) acetone (cleaning solvent for resin and topcoat) PU Primer for use when bonding to concrete and Fire retardant non-slip coating.


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