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A GRP roof can be easily configured in either a warm or cold roof specification. For a warm roof, a sub-deck is first fixed for the joists at 300mm centres. A vapour check and insulation sheet is then laid over the top. Insulation sheets can also be purchased with a vapour check adhered to one side. The decking should then be fixed on top as it normally would be, screws should be used to fix the boards to the joists and these should penetrate through the insulation and into the joists to the same depth as standard fixings.

It is imperative that all layers of the roof are pressed firmly together and that there are no gaps between any of the layers. The GRP should then be laminated over the top of the roof as normal. These roofs will usually require larger edge trim sizes such as A250 and B300.

To comply with the Part L Regulations of April 2006 the following specification would be required to obtain a ‘U’ value of 0.20 installed as detailed below:12mm Ply Sub Deck, 100mm of Kingspan TR26 or equivalent, 18mm T&G OSB3 board, GRP laminate.


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